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How to create a fitness app?

Veronika Ovchynnykova
Veronika Ovchynnykova
10 minJune 14, 2024
How to create a fitness app?
How to create a fitness app?

Regular physical activity has always been key to good health and a strong and resilient body. And, this is why now an increasing number of people actively opt for fitness apps to maintain their exercise routines and stay fit even without leaving the walls of their homes.

Naturally, there are also other factors defining the popularity of such applications. First, they are super available and bring endless comfort to users who can enjoy effective fitness workshops and powerful workouts without the need to pay huge monthly bills. Second, fitness apps often contain useful built-in features, such as the ability to monitor fitness goals and track workout progress and health data. All these perks contribute to the fitness apps’ global expansion that we are watching these days. This means it makes sense to rush into fitness app development to refresh your business and expand your brand awareness.

Whether you are a sports club, tennis court, gym, or any other brand connected to the wellness industry, you can definitely profit from creating a fitness application for your customers. Remember that many people start attending an in-person sports class they discover on the net.

The process of fitness app creation can scare you at first but don’t hesitate and break through the noise with our comprehensive guide. Here, you will learn basic features for fitness app development, strategic steps, and essential information necessary for a superior fitness app.

Overview of the fitness app market

Fitness apps are continuously gaining traction among users from all over the world. It is no wonder more and more business owners ponder establishing a solid fitness application for their brands and nourishing their existing fitness apps with fresh and span-new features. With the increasing global focus on wellness and health, the fitness app market is prospering in terms of user engagement and app downloads, especially in countries like the United States and Australia.

According to Precision Reports covering a fitness app market analysis, the global fitness app market will reach USD 14102.49 million by 2027 compared to USD 2801.48 million that has been earned in 2021.

In 2024, fitness app popularity surged, sparking great demand for sports services and nutrition guides. Given the global fitness app market size, this niche continues to experience notable growth and innovation implementations.

Factors influencing the growth of the fitness app market

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine our lives without apps. They help us explore new spheres, learn languages, entertain, find new friends, and surely get fit. We use them on an everyday basis and simplify many processes in our routines.

Fitness apps take an honorable place amid the variety of wellness applications. They provide the ultimate convenience for users, offering them virtual trainers, gamification, personalized workout plans, and many other perks. One more point in favor of fitness apps is the fact that users worldwide prioritize their health and well-being. Thus, by incorporating a fitness app into your business strategy, you can deliver more opportunities and benefits for your clients and reach a wider audience that will appreciate your products.

Covid-19 impact

The pandemic has played a huge role in integrating fitness apps into people’s daily routines as they wanted to enrich their habitual time at home. Digital fitness solutions enabled users to diversify their pastimes with mild physical activity within the comfort of homes and prompted businesses to dive into fitness application development and generate more engaging features and tools for their customers.

Workout apps have changed the way people go in for sport. For instance, most users establish a hybrid training routine, combining in-person gym workouts with virtual experiences. Fitness apps have become an integral part of a well-balanced life, with leading apps based in the US (for example, Fitbit, Calm, and MyFitnessPal). Now, people also consider fitness platforms as great alternatives in cases of limited time schedules. So, it’s high time to take a closer look at the prospects of launching a fitness app for your business.

Importance of fitness app development for business owners

Fitness applications fall into a very promising segment where your business can reap numerous benefits. If you create a fitness app saturated with innovative features and gamification elements, a lot of health-conscious people will make their choices in your brand’s favor. Below, there are some essential advantages you can enjoy after establishing a fitness app.

  • Superior user experience

People love being noticed and appreciated. This is why a great user experience you can provide with a thoroughly crafted fitness app will benefit your business reputation immensely. With smart fitness applications, you can tailor your offerings and services to individual clients and impress them with personalized training solutions they cannot find anywhere else. Create a digital space that caters to your audience's specific sports goals and needs, and observe your brand's significant growth.

  • Loyalty

Fitness app creation supplies entrepreneurs with the potential for further development and global exposure. It unlocks multiple opportunities to build stronger bonds with customers and turn them into devoted fans of your product. Affordability and availability anywhere and anytime make a fitness app a great tool to establish user loyalty and overall satisfaction.

  • Increased engagement

By implementing features like progress monitoring, nutrition tracking, and leveraging social interactions within your fitness app, you can boost the chances of user participation. Foster a sense of community with fitness challenges and various awards in the form of gamification. Facilitate healthy competition and encourage users to accomplish their fitness goals. All this will bring greater user engagement.

Key statistics and trends in the fitness app market

Before you take on the fitness app development process, let’s delve into some prevalent trends and essential information you need to craft a functional and user-friendly application.

So, the first point you should be aware of when creating a fitness app is the profits it can generate for your business in the long run. The experts expect the average revenue per user will amount to $17.50. Given this forecast, it makes sense to learn how to create a fitness app and start reaping benefits in no time.

As for the trends, real-time workout tracking and virtual personal trainers have become in-demand features, among other advanced characteristics. They upgrade user experience and are a breath of fresh air for consumers.

One more relevant trend is the combination of machine learning algorithms and AI. Artificial intelligence can analyze people’s workout data and adjust their fitness routines appropriately, reducing injury possibilities and boosting performance.

You can also add an element of motivation and fun to your app by integrating gamification into your fitness app. This is a highly popular trend, keeping users committed to their workout routines. Social sharing options, virtual badges, and leaderboards can help you make your audience engage and opt for your offers.

Leading types of fitness apps

Planning to build an effective fitness app to bring your business to an entirely new level? Explore the diversity of this niche and discover the leading types of fitness apps prospering on the market.

  • Yoga apps

Yoga has become extremely popular due to its ability to deliver visible physical benefits, simultaneously improving minds and moods. It, therefore, has found its way to digital space. Yoga apps offer structured training plans, pose reference guides, and audio instructions.

Yoga app design
  • Workout apps

Workout apps offer a multitude of fitness styles and personalized workout experiences. Customers can use video tutorials according to their abilities, picking the appropriate pace and intensity of physical activities. While developing a workout app, you can include progress bars and other gamification elements to amuse your audience. With smart workout solutions, you enable your clients to integrate your app with their smart scales, trackers, smartwatches, and other wellness devices. It encourages people to stick to your services and choose your products on a regular basis.

Workout app design
  • Activity tracking apps

Monitoring body state, abilities, and functional powers is the core of today’s self-care era. We are used to checking the number of steps taken, sleep patterns, and heart rate. Activity tracking apps help in this pursuit and make it possible to calculate calories burned throughout the day. They can enhance your business by providing users with special features like tracking the rhythm of their steps when running or walking. Fitness tracking applications allow your clients to set workout goals, monitor overall progress, and stay motivated.

Activity tracking app
  • Move-to-earn apps

These apps are mainly based on blockchain and imply paying people with tokens or in crypto for leading healthy lifestyles. Move-to-earn apps can often boast gamification features and immersive technologies, turning the process of getting rewards for exercising into an exciting fitness journey. Then, people can use them to invest in other cryptocurrencies, make in-app purchases, or trade them on exchanges.

 Move to earn app design
  • Meditation apps

Meditation is a powerful way to refocus and balance the human body. It reduces stress, promotes better sleep, and is a means of achieving genuine mindfulness. Due to constant global changes, conflicts, economic crises, and prolonged stress, meditation applications have become a lifesaver for thousands. They enable people to master mental clarity, being present, and deep breathing anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, meditation apps contain mood trackers that help users overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

Meditation app design

Of course, there are other fitness app types prospering on the market, such as diet and nutrition apps, exercise books, smart coach apps, and so on. Conduct a thorough analysis and identify what your business requires to choose the right fitness app model. Once you have determined the fitness app type for your brand, it’s time to learn how to create a fitness app in a bit more detail.

Step-by-step fitness app development process

In order to develop a successful fitness app, you need to navigate a series of crucial steps. This process involves careful planning, building a strong team, and creating an exceptional user experience. Here is a detailed breakdown of the key stages to bring your fitness app vision to life:

  1. First, you should define the niche of your future fitness app and ensure people are interested in this segment. Look through existing apps on the market, research competitors and target audiences, noting the valuable insights that will help you with your final decision. Highlight what issues your fitness app will solve and what specific characteristics will set your product apart from others. Define your purpose and stick to it throughout the development process;
  2. Next, gather a reliable team to craft a successful fitness application. Check their portfolios, track references, and ask about former cases they have delivered. Turn to experts with profound experience as they provide quality fitness app solutions without any complications. Together, you can shape the concept and define the feature set necessary for your workout platform. Professionals will help you choose the development approach that works for your business needs and nourish your app with great functional options like interactive authorization features;
  3. One more crucial step is crafting a dynamic and smart fitness app design. Use market analysis to create a sophisticated look and feel for your application. Design compelling UI/UX to deliver intuitive interfaces and ensure a smooth user experience. Test app prototypes that your designers build and check whether an app operates as it should;
  4. The final stage of the development process consists in monitoring what else can be enhanced within your app. Improve and support the fitness app by adding top-notch features and adjusting it according to the current trends. Then, check your app for any inconsistencies and bugs and regularly maintain your digital product.

Cost estimation for fitness app development

The cost of custom fitness app development can vary depending on numerous factors, including the scope of your project, the number of features you want to see in your app, and its overall complexity. Define what digital product you want to get at the end and how you envision its functionality. Assess your niche and business demands to fully understand what additional features and bonuses your project may comprise. With all this information and intricacies at hand, you will be able to get an accurate cost estimation of your app creation from professionals.

Monetizing fitness apps

Given the popularity of fitness apps, you can easily monetize your mobile workout solutions. One proven way to do so is to sell virtual and physical products within your application. For example, you can offer certain nutrition guides, wellness tips, and extra training plans to your audience. You can also sell sports nutrition and gym gear that are highly popular among fitness lovers.

Additionally, you can get rewarded for publishing various ads within your fitness app. They can include native ads, banners, out-stream ads, and so on. Sponsored content is one more monetization option available to fitness app owners. Partnering with influencers, gyms, and various sports brands, you get paid for sponsored content you share on your app.

Launching a fitness app is definitely a worthwhile investment. It unlocks a bunch of new opportunities for your brand, enhancing your visibility, customer loyalty, and accessibility. With prominent revenue generation potential and positive market forecasts, a smart fitness app can surely upscale your business perspectives.


In conclusion, the fitness app market is experiencing tremendous growth, driven by a global focus on health and wellness. This flourishing niche presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences and expand their brands. By creating a user-centric fitness app with innovative features and a captivating design, you can empower your clients to achieve their fitness goals and cultivate a loyal community around your brand.

However, navigating the complexities of fitness app development can be daunting. This is where DreamX comes in. Our team of UI/UX design specialists boasts extensive experience crafting intuitive and visually appealing interfaces that prioritize user experience. We can help you design a fitness app that stands out and delivers exceptional value to your users. Contact us today and let's unlock the full potential of your fitness app vision!

Team Lead of UX/UI Designers
Veronika Ovchynnykova
Team Lead of UX/UI Designers

Veronika is a UX/UI design team lead driven by a passion for user-centric design. She spearheads the creation of innovative and effective design solutions that elevate the user experience.

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