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The real estate market stands as one of the world's largest and most dynamic arenas. With a continuously expanding global population, this sector shows consistent growth. The official forecasts promise it will reach a staggering mark of $637.80tn in 2024. It makes the real estate sphere highly competitive.

With numerous agents, brokers, and agencies fighting for clients and sales, competition is tough. At the same time, modern consumers expect smooth online experiences across all spheres, and real estate is no exception. So, this situation drives innovation and pushes industry players to continuously improve their customer experience.

Nowadays, it is not enough to build a website or launch an app. Real estate businesses must establish a strong reputation for providing exceptional user experience. This implies that the website's navigation, visuals, and content should convey your expertise and trustworthiness and make you a desirable choice for doing business.

At DreamX, we specialize in creating real estate UI/UX design to increase your credibility and drive sales. Rely on our expertise and we will create a stunning platform that will engage your audience.

Real estate UX/UI design services by DreamX

You may believe you know the UX/UI design basics. However, it is a complex process that demands considerable skill and effort. Fortunately, you are not supposed to navigate this terrain alone. Our design agency can develop a stunning custom real estate UX design tailored to your needs.


Real Estate UX Design

At DreamX, we create informative user experiences across various platforms. Our team aims to create a seamless customer journey map, from search for a property to contact with an agent. Intuitive search engines, cleat filters, compelling listings and even video tours – our UI/UX designers thoroughly work on each of these elements. The task is to make the user-agent path as much informative as possible yet intuitive for everyone.


Real Estate UI Design

Our UI/UX experts translate user needs into user-friendly interfaces. Users should not struggle to find what they need. We focus on easy-to-navigate menus and add clear calls to action. At the same time, our real estate UI design incorporates advanced search features with filters that allow users to narrow down their options based on specific criteria like price range, location, property type, and amenities.


Real Estate App Design

More and more people opt for search on the go via applications. When it comes to a real estate app design, we ensure it offers everything to allow a potential customer to find the property for purchase or rent – a mobile-adapted user interface, integrated maps, livestream property tours and online chat. Our experts design apps that encourage users to buy from you.

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Real Estate Branding

At DreamX, we recognize the importance of a strong brand identity in the competitive real estate market. That is why we complement our UI/UX design expertise with comprehensive branding services, guiding you in crafting a memorable brand that resonates with your target audience. Our seasoned design team develops branding solutions that communicate professionalism, reliability, and integrity – the core values that inspire trust and confidence in potential clients.

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Real Estate Website Design

Recognizing the power of a well-designed website, we provide real estate web design services. Our UI/UX team designs custom-built real estate websites that showcase your listings in a captivating and informative manner. We aim to craft user-friendly and visually appealing platforms that cater to both potential buyers and sellers. Such a user interface contains high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and virtual tours to let users get comprehensive information effortlessly.

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Real estate industries we work with

Our real estate UX design company offers custom solutions for various segments within the real estate industry. We
develop user-friendly platforms for homebuyers and sellers and create robust tools for property management
companies and real estate investors. Haven't seen your specific industry niche represented here? Don't hesitate to
reach out to us. We're passionate about tackling unique challenges.

Real estate agencies

We design visually appealing and easy-to-use websites and apps that facilitate interaction between real estate agencies and their clients. Intuitive web and app search interfaces make it simple for potential buyers and renters to discover their ideal property. What is more, the integration of advanced tools helps generate leads and seamlessly connect with potential customers.

Property management companies

It is a key concern for management companies to establish two-way communication with tenants. At DreamX, we design portals and apps where both parties can solve requests, settle payments and automate other routine tasks. Besides, they get access to reporting dashboards with data on different property performance metrics.

Real estate brokers & agents

Real estate employees must have all the property information at hand, as well as need to always be in touch. At DreamX, we design apps and mobile-friendly CRMs that allow real estate brokers and agents to access property listings, communicate with clients, conduct video tours and manage documents on-the-go.

Real estate technology startups

Innovation is key in the ever-evolving real estate landscape. We partner with PropTech startups to implement innovative solutions via user experience design. It includes implementation of augmented reality (AR), integration of mapping and geolocation APIs, and AI-powered chatbots. We help real estate companies embrace tech trends smoothly.

Real estate agencies

Property management companies

Real estate brokers & agents

Real estate technology startups

How we deliver real estate
UX/UI design services

The UX/UI design process is complicated and involves several important stages. Over the years, we have developed a clear algorithm of actions for the UI/UX design real estate sphere. Here are the main steps to deliver top-notch results.


Research & discovery

The foundation of any successful project lies in a deep understanding of your goals and target audience. Our designers study the needs, preferences, and behaviors of users within the industry and the solutions your company offers. It gives us an idea of how to present and deliver your services in a way so that customers notice and choose them.


Real estate UX design

Leveraging the research findings, our UX specialists craft the user experience for your real estate platform. When working on user experience design, we break down complex functionalities into easy-to-follow steps. These include clear navigation paths and conveniently arranged property descriptions. It helps users easily find the property or service on your platform.


Real estate UI design

Building upon the UX foundation, our UI designers translate functionality into visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly interfaces that facilitate property search and listing management. The task is to offer you a platform with excellent communication features and tools to speed up real estate-related tasks.


Clickable product

To bridge the gap between concept and reality, we create a fully interactive prototype of your platform. This clickable prototype allows you to experience the user journey firsthand, test functionalities, and provide feedback. This collaborative approach ensures complete understanding and approval before moving to development.



Once the design is finalized and meets your full approval, we meticulously prepare all design assets for the development team. This comprehensive handover ensures a smooth transition from design to development, allowing you to seamlessly move forward with building your real estate platform.


Why choose us as your real estate UX design

DreamX does not design interfaces; we create exciting user journeys. Our UI/UX design real estate specialists combine expertise with research and
innovative experiments to create intuitive platforms that drive engagement and success.

Experienced UI/UX designers

At DreamX, we have a creative UI/UX design team that has skills and knowledge to transform your real estate vision into a reality. We endlessly study and test novelties to create products with thrilling user experience. Customer satisfaction is our best reward.

User-centered design

At its core, UX design is all about the user. In real estate, design must motivate potential buyers and sellers to sign deals. User-centered approach allows us to study the needs and expectations of end users and offer them helpful and informative websites and apps.

Compliance & security

We understand the importance of safeguarding your intellectual property. At DreamX, we operate with a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) policy. You can rest assured that your ideas and vision remain protected while we collaborate to bring them to life.

Effective communication

Our clients are our partners that are encouraged to actively participate in the design process. We establish communication channels for everyone involved and will be happy to receive as much feedback as possible during the design creation.

Transparent workflow

Every week, you will receive a report on the project. It will detail what exactly has been done. We appreciate your comments and are ready to discuss any details with you. This approach ensures you will get the design that seamlessly matches your needs.

Flexible payments

At DreamX, we have developed a fair payment system. You do not pay anything in advance except for a small deposit. Payments are made on a weekly basis for the actually completed work. This approach ensures financial transparency and aligns payments with project progress.

Take a look at our real estate UI/UX design portfolio

Here are some of our recently completed case studies for real estate. Have a project in mind? We will create a design
frame for it!

What is real estate UI/UX design?
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Real estate UI/UX design is the process of creation user-friendly interfaces for websites and apps used for buying, selling, renting, or management of properties. It involves designing the layout, navigation, and interactive elements to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for users, whether they are browsing listings, scheduling appointments, or completing transactions.
How can UI/UX design services benefit my real estate business?
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Professional UI/UX design can give your real estate business a competitive edge by providing potential clients with a modern, visually appealing, and easy-to-use digital experience. An optimized UI/UX design can increase leads, boost engagement and time-on-site, improve your brand perception, and drive more conversions from your website and apps.
How long does a typical real estate UI/UX design project take?
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The timeframe depends on the complexity of the project but typically ranges from 40-50 hours to 200-500 hours. For an accurate timeline specific to your project, feel free to contact us for a consultation.
What is the cost of real estate UI/UX design services?
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Simpler projects with basic features might cost $1,000, while more complicated designs are $5,000+. If you want to get an accurate cost estimate for your specific real estate UI/UX design project, reach out to us to share your goals and requirements.
Can you redesign my existing real estate website/app?
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Absolutely! Our real estate UX design agency offers redesign services. We leverage our expertise to analyze your current platform, identify areas for improvement, and create a redesigned website or app that optimizes user experience and drives results.

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