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In today’s dynamic world, real estate agencies and brokers are perpetually engaged in a fierce battle for clients. Like any other business, they must establish a distinct brand identity to thrive.

In a sea of options, only those who distinguish themselves from others win. This differentiation is simply impossible without strong branding. The vast majority of clients will choose the services of a good, recognizable agency or broker when buying or selling real estate. Thus, your reputation is one of the success factors. “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” – Steve Forbes.

DreamX is a design agency that can enhance your online presence. We create a positive brand experience that underlines brand authenticity, contributes to social proof and builds genuine human connection. Drive your traffic and sales with the help of our top-notch design solutions.

Real estate branding services by DreamX

Our objective is to craft a brand that encapsulates the emotions and perceptions linked to a real estate business in a client's mind. We combine various design elements to shape a real estate brand that communicates the company's values, operational procedures, reputation, and distinctive selling proposition. Here is what we offer.


Real estate logo design

Brand logos are often the first thing that your clients see. We aim to find a solution that creates lasting impressions. The task is to craft an easily recognizable logo that works well across all your communication channels, from business cards to website banners. Your logo should evoke emotions and trust.


Real estate brand identity design

Your potential clients must understand who you are, what you offer and why they should choose you. At DreamX, we can design your visual image that will convey this unified message across all platforms and touchpoints. In other words, we can create a strong foundation for your marketing campaign – your brand will stand out from the crowd.


Real estate web/app design

Usually, your website or application shapes the first impression about your business. At DreamX, we go beyond intuitive navigation and clear calls to action. Our team crafts digital experiences that embody your brand identity. Rely on us and we will craft a design that helps your clients realize that they are in the right place and find exactly what they need.


Real estate brand collateral design

At DreamX, we create impactful real estate brand collateral design that allows you to connect with potential clients on a deeper level. Be it a flyer, brochure, or presentation – each piece of your marketing materials will be visually appealing and communicate your goals. We work out a cohesive strategy to showcase your brand attractively.


Real estate social media assets design

Social media is a powerful tool for real estate professionals. At DreamX, we design a suite of captivating social media assets, including post templates, story graphics, and profile banners. These visually cohesive assets enhance your social media presence, enabling you to effectively connect with your target audience and generate leads.


Real estate brand guidelines

We provide the roadmap to ensure your brand is presented flawlessly across all marketing stations. Our real estate branding expert team equips you with practical tips on how to consistently present your brand through marketing, for example, social media and website interactions, and even email templates.

Looking for something a little different? We can create a package that perfectly fits your needs. Get in touch with us today!

Real estate industries we work with

Our skills and creativity enable us to uncover the essence of each real estate brand via innovative design trends. Are
you an individual broker, or do you provide real estate services to a global audience? At DreamX, we have winning
strategies for everyone.

Real estate agencies & brokerages

We craft compelling brand identities that convey professionalism and trustworthiness. From captivating logos to social media presence, we use design power to let real estate agencies and brokerages stand out in a competitive market and attract clients with confidence.

Individual realtors & agents

Branding for real estate agents and realtors aims to showcase their unique strengths and expertise. With attention-grabbing visual elements, we help individual realtors and agents establish memorable online presence and prove they can be fully trusted.

Property management companies

Effective real estate branding helps management companies attract property owners, tenants, and investors by instilling confidence and building a positive reputation in the industry. We know how to create a distinct identity that conveys trust, professionalism, and reliability.

Real estate technology companies

Disrupting the real estate landscape requires a brand that is innovative, trustworthy, and user-centric. We collaborate with PropTech (property technology) companies to develop compelling brand identities that resonate with a tech-savvy audience. Our designers highlight the value propositions such companies bring to agents, brokers, or property owners.

Real estate agencies & brokerages

Individual realtors & agents

Property management companies

Real estate technology companies

How we provide real estate
branding services

Crafting a truly memorable brand identity requires a meticulous and collaborative approach. At DreamX, we guide you through a comprehensive branding process designed to elevate your presence within the real estate industry.



The initial step is to understand what sets you apart in the market of similar businesses. The deep research and competitor analysis give us an idea of how to represent you in the professional arena to be noticed. The goal is to correctly convey your unique selling proposition (USP) to the right audience.



The information gathered during the briefing phase is transformed into a concrete plan for building your brand identity. It is like a roadmap to guide our design process and ensure we can ideally recreate your business vision. This is a narrative that tells the story of your brand and why you do what you do.


Design concepts

With a clear strategic roadmap in place, we bring the brand strategy to life visually. During this exciting phase, our designers translate your brand essence into a range of design options for your logo, color palette, and overall visual identity. We do our best to represent your brand in a clear, memorable, and emotionally impactful way.



Once you have approved the final design concepts, the completed design materials are handed over to you for further implementation. This phase involves packaging and delivering all design assets and branding guidelines in an electronic format.


Why choose us as your real estate branding agency?

Do you need to grow your brand awareness, increase engagement, or improve sales? DreamX knows how to achieve it all by strengthening your
online image. We know the intricacies of the real estate industry and will create a unique real estate brand identity, regardless of the scale of your
real estate project.

Skilled real estate branding designers

Our team has gathered real professionals in their field. We not only know everything about branding but also understand how the real estate market works. Skills coupled with a passion for design bring innovative branding solutions to every real estate company.

Human-centric approach

We put people at the heart of our design process. Knowing your audience and their needs and preferences, our experts create a digital portrait that resonates on a human level. Our task is to make your services attractive and credible in the eyes of end users.

Comprehensive services

At DreamX, we offer a full range of services to meet your business needs. You can order a complete brand overhaul or just creation of specific branding elements. Whether you need a logo design, marketing collateral or brand guidelines, we will gladly offer you an efficient solution.

Transparent workflow

We believe in fostering a transparent and collaborative working environment. Our streamlined workflow keeps you informed throughout the branding process, ensuring your expectations are consistently met. We provide regular updates and progress reports, empowering you to stay involved every step of the way.

Our real estate branding works

More than just logos, we build brands that connect. Explore our real estate branding works and unlock the potential
of your brand.

What is branding in real estate?
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Branding is a process of creating a recognizable identity for a real estate project. It includes a memorable name, a catching logo, and an overall visual style that conveys your value proposition on the market.
How important is branding in real estate?
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Branding is a way to communicate your business story to the right people. It builds trust, differentiates you from competitors, and allows you to boost a flow of property deals.
How much do your real estate branding services cost?
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Our real estate branding services are tailored to your specific needs, so the cost varies depending on the project scope. A basic project is roughly $500, while a comprehensive branding design package is $2,500+. To receive a personalized quote that reflects your specific branding requirements, feel free to contact us with details about your project.
What is the typical timeline for a real estate branding project?
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Usually, our design team needs 20 hours for a basic real estate branding task. For more complicated real estate branding projects, we need approximately 100 hours. To get a more accurate timeline specific to your project scope, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs in detail.
Can you help with rebranding?
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Absolutely! We can refresh your visual identity and maintain your brand recognition at the same time. Our designers use your existing real estate branding as a cornerstone but completely redesign its visual components for more traffic and sales.

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