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The healthcare industry is rapidly embracing new technologies. Various digital solutions have become increasingly popular as patients look for accessibility and improved medical service. From virtual consultations to online medical records, healthcare providers leverage online platforms to interact with patients and streamline administrative processes.

Modern users already have extensive experience in online working, shopping, and entertainment. Thus, their expectations of online healthcare are high. This is where healthcare UI/UX design comes into play.

At DreamX, we realize the importance of relevant design decisions. Our UI/UX designers offer their knowledge and skills to help your healthcare business stand out in the online space. If you have a prospective idea, let us wrap it into an excellent design!

Healthcare UX/UI design services by DreamX

We deliver stunning IT design solutions. Whether you need help with managing your clinic staff or promoting your healthcare services, our team ensures you get the most suitable design frame for your ideas.


Healthcare UX design

In healthcare, every interaction matters. Our healthcare UX designers follow the latest UX trends to make your healthcare solution efficient for patients, doctors and organizations. By prioritizing seamless interactions and clear information flow, we empower a positive healthcare experience that benefits everyone involved.


Healthcare UI design

The key idea of healthcare user interface design is to make a product easy to navigate, with clear dashboards, convenient search options, and precise data arrangement. Every single detail matters at this stage, from well-chosen fonts and readable texts to clickable icons and informative images. Our objective is to give users an immersive experience when interacting with the product.


Healthcare app design

Rely on us and we will help you stand out in the oversaturated medical application market. Our designers know the critical factors of success: functionality, user-friendliness, appealing UI/UX design, and robust security measures. We prioritize ease of use, accessibility, and compliance with industry regulations. Give us your healthcare app idea, and we will create the winning design.

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Healthcare branding

If you want to strengthen your online presence, a smart logo is not enough. It is a complex of design elements that should seamlessly boost your visibility. It includes logos, color schemes, typography and more. Our healthcare UX designers know how to make your brand resonate with the target audience. We will create individual branding guidelines for you to stand out and become recognizable in the competitive environment.

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Healthcare website design

Your healthcare website should be aesthetically appealing. But it is just the tip of the iceberg – your website must perform the key function it’s created for. Our team knows all the design intricacies to create a patient-centric website. We will create an easy-to-navigate and intuitive interface. A user-friendly website will allow your customers to easily grasp the information and consume your services more actively.

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Healthcare industries we work with

We offer a wide range of healthcare UX/UI services across different industries. If you do not see your segment in the
list below, do not hesitate to contact us. Here, you see only a small portion to illustrate our reach.

Healthcare providers & hospitals

We create intuitive solutions for healthcare providers and hospitals that help streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and improve overall efficiency and patient satisfaction within clinical settings. We boost everyday doctor routines via medical UX design.

Insurance companies

Our healthcare UI/UX design services offer user-friendly platforms that simplify policy management, claims processing, and communication with clients. We bring customers and agents together in convenient user experiences and interfaces.

Pharma companies

In the pharmacy sector, our healthcare UX designers optimize medication management systems. We create easy-to-use interfaces for prescriptions, medication alerts, and patient education.

HealthTech startups

Our healthcare UI/UX services are tailored to support innovative solutions. We develop user-centered designs that boost usability, scalability, and engagement. It helps startups grow their digital healthcare presence.

Healthcare providers & hospitals

Insurance companies

Pharma companies

HealthTech startups

Our approach to healthcare
UX/UI services

Designing user-friendly healthcare experiences requires meticulous planning and deep understanding. At DreamX, we take a patient-centric approach, combining user research and best practices to deliver UI/UX designs. Take a look at our process to see how we bring a vision to life.


Research & discovery

Everything starts with research, where we uncover the unique needs and challenges of your healthcare project. We analyze the market and competitors to validate your idea and offer you the most appropriate digital frame. At the end of the phase, you get a vision of the future product.


Healthcare UX design

The next step is to shape the idea technically. We craft user experiences that are intuitive, efficient, and foster trust. By focusing on clear information architecture, seamless navigation, and user-friendly workflows, we ensure every interaction empowers your users.


Healthcare UI design

At this stage, our UI/UX designers temporarily transform into final users and shape technical concepts into visually appealing interfaces. We pay attention to the slightest details, such as colors and fonts, to make the interaction with the product intuitive and straightforward.


Clickable product

Now it is time to bring the creation to life with a clickable prototype. It is the stage of interactive testing and validation. This phase lets you see whether the final product meets your requirements and user expectations.



At this stage, we deliver you a final project of the design. Then, you are free to find a developer to complete the product or continue the development with us.


Why choose DreamX for healthcare UI/UX design services?

Rely on our UI/UX design skills to get a unique digital healthcare solution and
surpass healthcare industry benchmarks. We have the knowledge and experience to simplify and automate your healthcare routine.

Experienced healthcare UI/UX designers

Our team of skilled designers can effortlessly tackle the most intricate designs. Solid expertise is the core of our healthcare design agency. We have a great track record of successful projects to realize complicated tasks.

Human-centered design

We recreate the user journey when developing a new healthcare product. The focus is always on the needs and preferences of the people who use it - patients, doctors, or administrative staff. We do our best to evaluate the healthcare UI UX through the eyes of the future user.

Compliance & security

Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare UI/UX design demands absolute trust. We operate under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), ensuring your confidential data and intellectual property remain secure throughout the entire design process.

Effective communication 

Our design team guides clients from concept validation through user testing to final delivery. We are always in touch to schedule regular meetings and check-ins. Together, we discuss progress, address concerns, and accumulate feedback.

Transparent workflow

All our clients become our full-fledged partners. By working with us, you get fully involved in the design process with access to Figma files. We promote open communication and encourage you to actively engage with the team. All your thoughts, comments, and wishes are highly valued.

Flexible payments

We do not ask for upfront payments. Initially, you need to make a small installment of the project estimate. Subsequent payments are made every week for the completed work. We provide weekly reports that highlight the progress made.

Take an insight into our healthcare UI/UX design

We have an extensive case study portfolio. Review our completed healthcare UI/UX projects to gain a deeper
understanding of our capabilities and expertise.

What is UX design in healthcare?
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UX design in healthcare is all about the experience users have with healthcare digital products like websites, apps and other digital solutions. The UX designer’s job is to ensure this interaction is intuitive, accessible, and enjoyable.
What is UI design in healthcare?
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Healthcare UI design focuses on creating an easy-to-navigate user interface (screens, buttons and menus) for healthcare-related digital products. It prioritizes clarity, intuitiveness, and accessibility, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for patients, providers, and administrators alike. This enhances engagement, fosters trust, and ultimately improves healthcare outcomes.
Why is UI/UX important in healthcare?
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UX and UI design play a crucial role in healthcare. Innovative digital solutions make medical services more accessible for patients, facilitate services for healthcare providers, and reduce healthcare costs for everyone involved.
What is the cost of healthcare UI/UX design services?
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The design service cost depends on the scope of work. The designing cycle of 40-50 hours is approximately $1,000. More time-consuming projects, requiring 200-500 hours, cost $5,000+. For a precise quote tailored to your project's unique scope and complexity, don't hesitate to contact us.
Can you adapt designs to our healthcare organization's needs?
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Yes, for sure. We provide unique solutions. Our specialists will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and create designs that match your goals. Your seamless online presence is our priority.

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