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Healthcare app design services for engaging patients

Modern technologies are quickly reshaping all industries, including healthcare. More and more users are seeking a way to get medical aid remotely without leaving their homes. Healthcare applications are changing the pattern of how patients and medical professionals interact.

A healthcare app can offer a plethora of features: real-time health consultations, instant communication, appointment scheduling, wellness tracking and much more. Medical services are more accessible via a well-designed mobile application. Users can easily connect with healthcare providers and get important information and support from anywhere at any time.

DreamX is a healthcare app design team that knows how to wrap complex ideas into simple designs. With our tailored approach to UI/UX design, we create unique design solutions for the healthcare field. Rely on us, if you want to get a user-friendly, visually appealing, and highly effective design for your medical practice.

Healthcare app design services by DreamX

At DreamX, we have the knowledge and skills to create cutting-edge design solutions that will reshape your patient-doctor experience. We create safe and convenient virtual space for healthcare providers, patients and everyone involved. Take a look at solutions we can design for you.


Healthcare mobile app design

We craft user-friendly mobile applications that revolutionize patient engagement. Whether you need to create a design for a mobile app for appointment scheduling, telehealth consultations, or any other healthcare purpose, we can help you bring your vision to life. Rely on our team and get a unique solution that will enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and drive your healthcare business success.


Healthcare web app design

Our team specializes in the design of cutting-edge web apps that cater to the evolving needs of the healthcare domain. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of user behavior to design user-friendly web applications that facilitate seamless communication, data management, and access to essential healthcare services. Whether you need to design a patient portal, a healthcare management system, or a custom web application, we can help turn your concept into a tangible solution.

Healthcare apps we design

From telehealth to chronic disease management apps, we have the expertise to design the perfect app for you. If your specific needs aren't fully addressed in our current offerings, please reach out to us. We're happy to discuss custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Our healthcare app design

We have developed a beneficial workflow pattern that allows us to follow all client’s requirements and come up with the most winning healthcare application design. The delivery of successful app designs is achieved by thorough preparation and meticulous work at each of the following project stages.


Research & discovery

The very first step is to have a clear understanding of what product we will create. To begin with, we explore your requirements. After that, our healthcare designers gather information about user needs, market trends, and competitors. We analyze user behaviors and identify pain points and opportunities. This approach enables us to draw a vision of the future app design.


UX design

With a clear vision for the app's direction, we move to the UX design stage. At this step, we create user personas and user journey maps to visualize the typical interactions and experiences of different user segments within the future app. It helps us define design elements to minimize cognitive overload and make it easy for users to accomplish their goals when interacting with the application.


UI design

With a solid UX foundation in place, we move to the UI design phase. At this stage, we create clear and intuitive layouts that guide users through the app's features and functionalities seamlessly. The focus is on color scheme, typography, and visual elements. We organize content in a logical manner, use intuitive navigation patterns, and provide clear labels and instructions.


Clickable product

After finalizing the main elements of UI/UX design, it is time to see how your app will look in reality. At this stage, our designers link the wireframe screens together, creating clickable areas that simulate the user's journey through the app. It allows you to interact with the prototype of your future product on behalf of the user and see how they would use the actual application.



When we get your approval and complete the design process, you will receive the final version of the healthcare app design. The next step is the app development stage. You can continue cooperation with our design company as we provide software development services or rely on a different development team for this task.


Benefits of choosing healthcare app design services
by DreamX

If you are ready to automate and simplify your healthcare operation, the DreamX designers are here to guide you through this digital transformation.
Why should you trust your app design to our team? The benefits are undeniable.

Experienced healthcare designers

Everyone in our design team knows all the nuances of UI/UX design, as well as the intricacies of creating design solutions for the healthcare sector. These skills allow us to create a product that is highly functional and compliant with the industry demands and makes your services simple and accessible for every patient.

Complete confidentiality

We work under a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This binds us to protect any user data, healthcare information or other confidential elements related to your project. You can feel secure entrusting private information to our NDA-compliant team.

User-centric design

At DreamX, we believe in putting your users first. That's why we design apps that meet user needs. Before starting each design process, our design experts transform into app users to understand the unique challenges faced by patients and healthcare professionals. It allows us to create an intuitive and efficient user interface.с

Effective communication 

Our healthcare designers maintain open and transparent communication throughout the entire project duration. We provide regular updates, project timelines, and specifications to keep you informed on the design process. All your comments and wishes are encouraged and immediately addressed.

Transparent workflow

Each client becomes a full-fledged participant in the design process. We provide you with access to Figma files to keep you informed about project progress, milestones, and any changes or updates. You will be able to track every stage of your design project and suggest amendments whenever you like. Transparency is our priority.

Milestone-based payments

There are no burdening upfront payments when you work with our healthcare app design company. You make only a small deposit before we start. Then, you receive a report for the completed work every week and pay by portions for the actual work done.

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What expertise does your healthcare app design team have?
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DreamX has a rich track record of healthcare app design projects. We can offer a solution for any idea, from a mental health app to a web application for electronic health records. Have a unique idea in mind? Share it with us and we'll help you bring it to life!
How much does healthcare app design cost?
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The cost of our healthcare app design services depends on the product complexity and amount of work. An average cost for a 40-50-hour project is $1,000+, and a 200-hour project price starts from $5,000. If you want to receive a more precise quote, please contact us. We'll discuss your specific needs and provide a tailored quote.
How long does it typically take to design a healthcare app?
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It all depends on the scope of work involved. Simple designs can be ready within 2 weeks, while complicated projects may take up to 6 months. To give you a more accurate timeline for your design project, reach out to us. We'll discuss your vision, assess the complexity, and provide a tailored timeline based on your unique needs.
How do you approach UX/UI design for healthcare apps?
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UX/UI design is a complicated process that aims to streamline healthcare services. The successful app design is always user-centric. We combine user insights, customer needs, and industry regulations to come up with an innovative design solution.
Can you design apps for various platforms, including iOS and Android?
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Yes, we design web and mobile healthcare applications for various platforms, including efficient solutions for iOS and Android. Additionally, we offer cross-platform app design, which allows you to create a consistent user experience across multiple operating systems without the need for separate design teams for each platform. This streamlines the design process and ensures a cohesive look and feel for your app, regardless of the device your users choose.

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