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Branding design is one of our important services that we have been providing to clients for many years. We believe that your brand identity is crucial, and a strong brand is more than just a pretty logo design. Branding & identity includes many elements that, while each individually important, come together to create a synergetic perception of your brand for your customers. We work both with existing projects that need new ideas and refinements, as well as with projects that need to start from scratch. Our team can help you build any type of branding design: key brand elements such designing a logo for a company, color scheme, typography, and other brand identity design components.

In the identity branding approach, we will go through three main stages: Briefing, Strategy and Design. Additionally, we can create branding guidelines for your in-house departments. Branding guideline examples serve as the framework for your in-house team: marketers, graphic designers, web developers, and anyone who needs to present a unified vision of your brand to your customers. So brand guideline will help your team to work faster and be more productive. If you need some logo design examples, brand identity design or branding guideline, get in touch with us to discuss your idea and get a detailed estimation, we will provide you a consultation.

Learn more about cases we made

Here you can find examples that might be perfect fitted to your project or to the industry you work with

Learn more about cases we made

Here you can find examples that might be perfect fitted to your project or to the industry you work with

Good branding can make a company look smart, but great branding can make a customer feel smart

Kostya Krupsky

Head of Marketing, DreamX


You can learn about our defined workflow here. All steps have a detailed description of what we do at each stage of working with the project. This can help you to understand the whole process we have to go through when creating a project and be more involved.


We set up a call session to find out what the project looks like or going to be and what key customer needs the project should cover as a result


At this stage we focus on user-friendly features that build on the project's core values, capture long-term business goals and establish an emotional connection with customers

UX UI design

Our design team creates the style and appearance of your brand through various features to produce a strong brand identity across digital platforms

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