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 Branding Design Services to Level Up Your Brand
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Branding design services
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Branding is the foundation of your market presence. It's the compass guiding your messaging, shaping customer perception, and ultimately, securing your competitive edge. Still, some view branding as just a logo. In truth, a logo is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Brand design services delve deeper, forging a unified identity that resonates through every interaction. Brand identity, website design and more – these are all facets of your brand, the elements that collectively build lasting connections with your audience. Those are all areas of our expertise.

Brand design services by DreamX


Logo design

Your brand deserves a symbol that speaks volumes, echoing your unique story without a single word. That’s what our design team can create for you. At DreamX, we believe in the power of collaboration. We work closely with you, understanding your vision, values, and target audience. This partnership results in a logo that is not only clean and professional, but also emotionally connects with your business and your audience.


Brand identity design

Forge an unforgettable presence with our brand identity design services. We define color schemes, typography and create visual elements that flawlessly reflect your brand’s essence. Rely on our experienced brand identity designers to create your one-of-a-kind visual voice. With a truly unique visual language for your brand, you will stand out from competitors and make deep impressions across customer touchpoints.


Website design

More than just visuals, we can design a functional website that effectively tells your brand’s story. Stunning interfaces and frictionless user flows work in tandem to craft immersive digital habitats that feel uniquely yours. Each element, from design to navigation, is meticulously tailored to show your values. Leave impressions that matter with our user-centric website design made just for you.


Brand collateral design

Take your brand to the next level with remarkable collateral. Whether it's business cards, letterheads, or digital templates, we design complementary materials that strongly convey your brand at each interaction. Create enduring positive perceptions with potential funders, clients, and allies. Commit to an elevated design that powerfully communicates your brand narrative.


Brand guideline

Maintain a unified brand voice and persona across all endpoints with a comprehensive brand guideline. We meticulously craft this document to anchor your brand's singularity, ensuring cohesion in every impression. From logo application and font choices to color schemes and graphic assets, our standards supply unambiguous directives for smooth brand communication.


Pitch deck design

Make a lasting first impression with a pitch deck designed to impress. Rely on our branding designers as they create captivating pitch decks that are succinct, insightful, and visually striking. We ensure your story resonates, highlighting your vision and opportunity. Let us craft a powerful narrative that opens doors to investment success.


Social media assets design

Make your brand look complete with our customized social media assets design services. From stunning Facebook post templates to a crisp LinkedIn banner, we create assets that cut through the noise to capture attention. Our designs maintain your unique tone and style for a fluid user experience. Let our tailor-made social media assets fortify your identity and forge deeper audience bonds.

We build eye-catching branding that sparks lasting recognition. From logo design to comprehensive branding solutions, we help individuals, companies, and startups to tell their unique stories through impactful visuals. Discover our range of branding solutions crafted to make your brand impossible to ignore.
Branding design services

Need something beyond our listed branding services? Don't hesitate to inquire – our team is ready to tailor a solution to your unique needs.

How we deliver brand design services

Building a powerful brand identity isn't a one-step process. Dive into our detailed approach, where we unveil each step of our brand design journey, transforming your vision into a reality.

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Our journey begins with a comprehensive briefing session, establishing a clear understanding of your project's vision, key needs, and desired outcomes. Through open dialogue, we ensure alignment and pave the foundation for success.




Building upon your core values, we craft a user-centric strategy. This stage focuses on capturing your long-term business goals and fostering an emotional connection with your audience..



Design concepts

With a clear strategic foundation laid, we embark on the world of design concepts. Here, we translate your vision into tangible elements, crafting your logo, fonts, color palette and other branding elements you need.




We deliver your meticulously crafted brand assets, incorporating any necessary revisions to guarantee your complete satisfaction. With your final approval, your brand identity is ready to be unveiled and resonate with the world.

Industries we provide brand
designing services for

From healthcare companies to budding startups, we create impactful branding across diverse industries. Even if
yours isn't listed, contact us – we tailor solutions to fit your unique narrative.

Why choose DreamX as your branding
design services provider?

Your brand identity is your story, and we are the storytellers. Discover why choosing us as your branding design
company unlocks unparalleled value and propels your brand towards enduring success.

Tailored approach

Tailored approach

One-size-fits-all branding solutions aren’t about us. We dive deep into your brand's DNA and specific business goals. Based on the insights, we create customized branding that resonates with your values.

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Experienced branding designers

Our team boasts seasoned branding designers, their expertise honed through years of navigating diverse industry landscapes. This extensive experience ensures we bring not just skill, but also insightful perspectives to every project.

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Cross-industry proficiency

We have experience working with businesses across various industries. This allows us to leverage our diverse knowledge base and adapt our approach to cater to the specific challenges and opportunities unique to your industry.

Transparent process

Transparent process

We prioritize open and honest dialogue. During each phase of the branding journey, we share insights and encourage collaborative participation so you feel empowered in the process every step of the way.

Take a look at some of our branding design works

We translate vision into reality. Witness the transformative power of our branding design in action.

What is branding design?
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Branding design is the thoughtful creation of visual assets that strategically express a brand's ethos. It encompasses crucial elements like logos, color palettes, typography, icons and more. These facets transmit the brand's persona, values and vision, sparking an emotional connection with target consumers. By harmonizing visual identity, branding design forges resonance that reflects the essence of the company. The end goal is to build meaningful bonds between consumer and brand by encapsulating its character in strategic and memorable visual assets.
What does branding design include?
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Branding design is the silent ambassador that communicates your company's essence through carefully curated visual assets and messaging. Logo, color palette, typography, and imagery become building blocks, each imbued with meaning that resonates with the target audience. But branding goes further, orchestrating a seamless journey across all consumer touchpoints. Websites, advertising materials, packaging, and social media platforms all sing in harmony, expressing the brand's mission, personality, and value proposition with strategic clarity.
How much does branding design cost?
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The investment in your branding design hinges upon the depth and complexity of your project. We typically dedicate 20 to 100 hours to crafting exceptional brand identities, with costs ranging from $500 to $2500+. However, to ensure an accurate estimate aligned with your specific vision and goals, kindly reach out for a consultation. We'll delve into your project's requirements and provide a tailored quote that reflects your unique needs.
Why is branding design important?
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Branding design isn't just about looks; it's the strategic voice of your business. It shapes how you're perceived, builds trust, and sparks emotional connections with your audience. A distinct visual identity sets you apart, while consistency across all touchpoints amplifies your message. Invest in branding design; it's an investment in your future.
How much does it cost to design a logo?
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Our design process typically takes 15-50 hours, with estimates between $350 and $1200+. However, the true value extends beyond the cost. We offer additional benefits like multiple design concepts, revisions, and various file formats. To receive a personalized quote and discuss how we can exceed your expectations, please contact us today.

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