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Encourage deeper connections and engagements with your audience through powerful branding meticulously designed to emphasize your startup's unique selling proposition, professionalism, and mission statement

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In the current seriously saturated market, it becomes harder to prove your startup viability and attractiveness and get your message to the masses. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10% of startups fail within the first year of their business journey. However, you can choose a proven way to reinforce your startup and be on the winning side if you focus on branding.

An essential feature contributing to your startup’s long-term success is its ability to predict the needs and preferences of potential customers. Clear and vivid branding can help you with this task and ensure that you not only meet your audience's requests but also create desire and demand for your product. A strong brand identity helps you get people to opt for your offers and recognize your business.

At DreamX, we possess all the resources and expertise to brighten up your startup visual representation and shape positive perceptions, leading to feelings of trust, satisfaction, and loyalty. Flaunting vast experience, our specialists excel in branding for startup businesses from various niches. We know the challenges and competitive intensity startups face and understand how to make them stand out.

Startup branding services by DreamX

We are aware of the intricacies of crafting brand design for startups and make every effort to drive your startup forward smoothly. Our team knows how to create consistency across channels, enabling your startup brand to declare itself, reach a wider audience, and generate more profits. With our startup branding agency, you can achieve your business goals and enjoy exponential growth regardless of your startup type.


Startup logo design

Whether your startup falls into a service-based, product-based, or technology-based category, we ensure that the first thing your clients see - your logo - is unsurpassed. Our experts know how to produce powerful logo designs for startups and nourish your business with deep meanings. We apply all available methods to bring you a logo that reflects your purpose and vision and helps your brand cut through the noise..


Startup brand identity design

With a plethora of existing and numerous just emerging startups, you should have something that will differentiate your business from others. You can shape your genuine visual identity and bring your concepts to life with our team, proficient in branding design for startups. We acknowledge your visual representation is an important facet of your further marketing strategy success and develop strong visual elements for your startup.


Startup web/app design

Opting for our startup branding services unlocks a wide range of branding solutions catered to your business. One of them is designing websites and applications of any complexity and direction that play a crucial role in audience attraction and retention. Our specialists craft functional and convenient interfaces to ensure superior user experience for websites, iOS, Android, cross-platform and web apps, which allure new people to your business.


Startup brand collateral design

We increase your brand visibility and reinforce your startup reputation through influential collateral designs that express your values, goals, and aspirations. Branding a startup, our team cares about quality aesthetics and does its best to provide you with vibrant flyers, posters, digital magazines, and catalogs that reflect your vibe. We deliver custom design decisions to allow you to resonate with your target audience.


Pitch deck design

A well-crafted pitch deck design is the key to unlocking multiple funding opportunities, which can streamline your startup viability. It can allure and convince potential investors that your brand brings a valuable business offer with a significant return on investment. We provide professional pitch deck design and deliver inspirational design solutions, refined graphic elements, and meaningful illustrations to help you gain continuous financial support.


Brand guideline

With our experience in branding for startups, you can manage how your audience and potential patrons perceive you and your product. We lighten up your values and essential ideas by assembling a set of rules that determine the overall feel and look of your brand. Our experts build a coherent brand style through the right color palette, typography, and other visual elements to make your audience recognize your startup across all platforms.

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How do we provide branding
services for startups?

At DreamX, we prioritize great end results for our clients and apply all our expertise to reach the established goals. Here, you can review the main stages of our branding for startups.



We begin by getting to know your startup at its core. Through in-depth discussions, we delve into your vision, mission, and values. We also analyze your target audience and competitive landscape to understand your unique positioning.



With a clear understanding of your startup, we craft a strategic roadmap. This defines your brand positioning in the market and ensures your brand resonates with your target audience.


Design concepts

Once the creative strategy is determined, we shift to other project deliverables, such as the specific brand identity elements your startup can demand, logo design for a startup business, colors, fonts, design templates, etc.



This is the final stage of our branding process for startups. After getting your approval for our design solutions and graphic elements, we provide you with refined design files tailored to your preferences and focused on increasing your brand awareness.

Why choose us as your startup branding agency?

We deliver innovative branding options to establish a memorable visual identity and position your business for growth. In a world of fleeting focus,
we shape meaningful and influential brands that are able to captivate and retain people's attention.

Experienced branding designers

Our creative resources are powerful treasures, enabling our branding agency for startups to provide top-notch design services for projects of any complexity. We fully understand the industry challenges and trends and know how to apply our knowledge to reach stunning business growth. With broad experience in designing for startups, our team can render great results for your project, transforming it into a unique selling proposition for customers.

Personalized solutions

At DreamX, we perceive every project as a unique case requiring unique branding design decisions. We meticulously research your business's landscape, set key performance indicators, and define the most appropriate approach for bold branding and smooth user experience for your startup. Our team supplies you with personalized branding options, highlighting the gaps your product fills and increasing your chances of gaining loyal customers.

Comprehensive services

We offer a wide range of startup branding services to satisfy your personal preferences and meet your business demands. With our expertise and a great deal of experience, you can save your time and effort and get everything you need in one. We produce functional and dynamic branding solutions for our clients and successfully convert their ideas into influential logos, efficient style guides, relevant shapes, and suitable colors, all of which help achieve the desired result.

Transparent workflow

Our branding company for startups offers you to become an active part of the branding process. You will be notified about any changes down the road and know what direction we are moving into. We provide you with regular updates on all the work done, check whether your requirements are met, and ensure you don’t miss anything important concerning your startup brand development.

Our branding works

Opting for our services, you receive a custom-made approach to grow your startup into a recognizable brand and
add value to the business. Explore our successful branding cases and unlock numerous opportunities our work

What is startup branding?
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Startup branding refers to a bunch of visual works and processes rendered to shape the identity and story of the business. It ensures alignment across your website, marketing materials, social media activities, and customer touchpoints.
How can branding services benefit my startup?
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A startup without a strong brand identity is like a ship sailing at night. People don’t know about your existence and don’t fully understand how to reach you. Bold branding can upscale your startup, attract more financial support from investors, and build credibility for your products.
How much do branding services for startups cost?
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Here, everything depends on the complexity of the tasks and the time required for your startup branding project. It can take from 20 to 100 hours and cost between $500-2500. Want to know how much your specific branding project will cost? Reach out to us for a consultation. We will discuss your needs and provide you with an accurate quote.
What kind of startups do you work with?
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Flaunting vast experience, we work with various startups from any industry. Whether you are building the next breakthrough in AI, transforming the fintech landscape or revolutionizing healthcare, we can create meaningful branding for every business demand.
How much does it cost to create a logo for a startup?
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Usually, it takes from 15 to 50 hours and costs $350-1200. Want to get a more accurate estimate for your logo design? Contact us and share your requirements with us. We'll be happy to discuss your vision and provide you with a personalized quote.

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