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UX/UI design is the key service we provide for our clients. Relying on our vast experience, we help our clients find the distinctive approach and offer user interface design solutions tailored to their needs. One of the principal goals of any business is to increase its sales and accelerate the growth of the company, and UI and UX designing plays an essential role in achieving this goal. An excellent user design interface creates an instant attraction to your company, while an admirable user experience will put a lasting impression on your customers. It is therefore necessary to get both of them right if you want to deliver the best customer user experience and retention.

All of our UX/UI design products are custom-built, which means that we start working on them from the very basics. You do not need to have a graphic designs prototype, well-defined product requirements or initial mock-ups to start working on a user interface UX design project. In our team, we like to say that the client always gets a 101% unique project at the end. To ensure the highest level of performance, our team works only with proven technologies. That is why our design team use modern design tools, such as Figma and many others. If you plan to have your own mobile application, website or have any type of application redesign in mind, get in touch with us to discuss your idea and get a detailed estimate, we will provide you a consultation.

Learn more about cases we made

Here you can find examples that might be perfect fitted to your project or to the industry you work with

Learn more about cases we made

Here you can find examples that might be perfect fitted to your project or to the industry you work with

UX/UI design is so important because it acts as a system, so much like a connective tissue that affects your entire project and holds it together.

Alexandr Korshykov, CEO of DreamX UI UX design and development company

Alex Korshykov

CEO, DreamX


You can learn about our defined workflow here. All steps have a detailed description of what we do at each stage of working with the project. This can help you to understand the whole process we have to go through when creating a project and be more involved.

Research and Discovery

In open digital space we explore your idea, supplement it with our vision. Our UX team begins to think like a user and put all results together in one document

UX prototype

The UX stage of the process involves very close collaboration between you and our team to create the framework for the product. Here our UX team create a user-friendly product for potential customers.

User interface design

At the UI stage, our team creates 101% uniqueness of your product. Our experienced designers will create for you an incredible style of the product, with a motion design, branding and much more in smallest details

Clickable product

This is the final testing of the product before it would goes to development. Our team will carefully check every detail of the product with you in the process to confirm all the results.

How long would it take to see first results?
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We divide our UX/UI design workflow into four main stages: Research and Discovery, UX Prototype, User Interface (UI) Design and Clickable Product. Once we have done the research and discovery, we move on to UX Prototype stage, where we closely collaborate with the client to create a framework for the future product and make key decisions. At this step you will be able to see the first UI and UX designs results already during the first week of working on the user interface design prototype. If you are very limited in time — we can discuss any specific deadlines. Finally, for Clickable Product, we deliver a mock-up of the design as it would go to development. Our team will carefully check every detail of the product with you to confirm all the results and make final adjustments.
Do I have to have a sketch of my idea first?
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We very much appreciate any references or graphic designs ideas and user interface design developments of our clients, but no, it is absolutely not necessary. We can start working on an existing design idea, mock-up or prototype, but we can also start the design project from scratch. This means you do not need to have a graphic & design prototype or product requirements. Our UX-UI team will gather the necessary reference design materials, discuss them with you and get you started. Of course, if you have any ideas, vision or suggestions, we would love to hear and incorporate them
What would I get at the finish point?
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We do not have any standard user interface design kits, which the client will receive at the end of the graphic design project. That is because we are always open to any of your initiatives, suggestions and requests for examples of user design interface. If this is at the core of our expertise – we are ready to implement all your user interface UX design ideas and accommodate your needs. We have a defined, yet flexible workflow which allows us to incorporate new graphics designing ideas as we go. Yet be sure, everything we agreed on at the start of cooperation will be fulfilled, and you will receive all graphic design materials.
Where do you do your design work?
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For us, it is very important to have convenient and modern graphic & design software. To ensure the highest level of performance, our team works only with state-of-the-art technologies. That is why our design team works with many modern graphic editors such as: Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Miro, Adobe After Effects and others. Figma designing is a powerful design tool for creators working on a wide array of products: websites, applications, logos, and much more. If you have any specific requirements for the UI/UX design tools where you would like to see a prototype or the final version of the project — we are happy to discuss it.
What if I already have an app but I want to refresh it's design?
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This is not a problem, our team can start from scratch as well as work with the existing user interface design of the application. To work effectively on the user interfaces redesign, we initially recommend doing a UX Audit first, after which you will get a detailed document that would allow you to better understand your product and how users interact with it. In the course of the UX Audit, we will go through three stages: Briefing, Research and Propose Solutions. With possible UX solutions identified, the work on redesign can begin. It involves another three steps: UX/UI Audit/Research, Propose Solutions, UX/UI Design. Rest assured that at every stage we will take into account all of your needs and become a user of your product, make a detailed work plan, and you will receive all documentation where we will note everything that needs to be improved. Of course, we always offer lots of helpful ideas to solve these problems. In the end, you will get an engaging product with a well-thought-out user interface.

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