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Expert Design Review determines how to make a product more powerful and competitive

UX Audit

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An audit is an expert examination, analysis, and evaluation of something of

high value

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UX Audit is one of the important, decisive steps for understanding what is wrong with your existing design and it gives acceleration in improving or redesigning your website or app. Website audit (desktop or mobile version), conducted by the practical experts, will help you assess the effectiveness of your website in terms of usability, user experience and lasting customer impression. Design auditing of mobile app or audit of website finds ways to make a product more powerful and competitive, ensuring your brand growth. It will help you to understand the project strong sides and to find more opportunities for improvement.

The Design Audit relies on innovative UX research methods and is divided into three main stages: Briefing, Research and Propose Solutions. You will receive the first results of the UX audit in two to seven business days (timing of user experience audit depends on the complexity of the project). After this, our team will dive deep into the project, study the smallest of details and put your product through our vast experience. The final deliverable is a website audit checklist, which documents everything that needs to be improved or fixed, lists our recommendations and includes many helpful ideas how to solve UX problems.

Learn more about cases we made

Here you can find examples that might be perfect fitted to your project or to the industry you work with

Learn more about cases we made

Here you can find examples that might be perfect fitted to your project or to the industry you work with

The strength of a UX audit lies in identifying and classifying various problems, while the strength of redesign lies in identifying and providing possible solutions

Alexandr Korshykov, CEO of DreamX UI UX design and development company

Alex Korshykov

CEO, DreamX


You can learn about our defined workflow here. All steps have a detailed description of what we do at each stage of working with the project. This can help you to understand the whole process we have to go through when creating a project and be more involved.


We set up a call session to overview the client's needs, share the details of the project and define the actual plan, what we going to do and what resources we need to involve to start the process in the most efficient way


Our qualified team dive deep into the project, study the smallest details and put your product through years of experience

Propose solutions

We become a user of your product. We provide you with a document where we mark errors and shortcomings, what needs to be improved. Also we generate the ideas how to solve it

What is my first steps to collaborate with your company?
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Initially, when we start to work on the UX Audit project, our first steps depend on the scale of your existing website or application. If you have a large project with numerous screens and frames and need to improve the website, our first step for user experience audit is to conduct a quick introductory session. During this call, we will identify and discuss all the key parameters of the ux auditing, share the details of the project and define the actual plan for how to improve the website. This will result in an outline of the list of tasks to be completed and a defined bill of materials needed to start the website audit process in the most efficient way. On the other hand, if you have a small project, we can make a quick review, with the same level of quality, from two to seven business days.
How long would it take to make a quick auditing?
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We try to complete the user experience audit as quickly and efficiently as possible, aiming to deliver the UX solution in a timely manner so that the client has a clear understanding of the proposed project improvements and the process timeline. Design Audit usually takes between two and seven business days, depending on the complexity of the project and the workload of our UX/UI team.
Can your company fix all weak points which we found?
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Yes, definitely. We are always in favor of a comprehensive approach to project work because we find it to be the most time-cost effective. Approximately 65% of our clients decide to move on to the Redesign stage with us after the website audit. At the Redesign stage we start to make all the qualitative changes which will contribute to the fulfillment of all the business goals and ensure a better customer service, user experience and retention. After the UX Audit and Redesign, you always get a 101% unique and functional project.
What would I get at the finish point?
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There is no universal format for the UX Audit Report, since its size and structure depend on the scope and complexity of the project. Nevertheless, our UX Audit Report always includes an Audit Website Checklist where you can see all the summary points. This report will go over and explain everything that needs improvement to accommodate for a better user experience. The UX Audit Report usually includes a breakdown of items based on the following four categories: “Good”, “Needs Improvement”, “Needs To Be Fixed” and “Idea (Suggestion”).
Do you do a software auditing either?
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While UX Audit and Redesign are our key services, our talented software engineering department is always ready to evaluate the (frontend or backend?) code of your project, check for possible security issues or inefficiencies and provide some insight into what changes has to be made to address the identified weak points. This service can be provided on a case-by-case basis as a part of a Complex Design Audit.

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