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Travelers are searching for authenticity. Let us help you craft a travel brand that tells your unique story and captures their imagination.

Travel branding services
for a stand-out brand

The travel business belongs to one of the largest industries. This market is expected to reach $1,063.00bn by 2028. It is not difficult to imagine the number of companies selling travel services – there are millions of them.

Fierce competition in the industry forces travel agencies to explore and offer new exotic destinations and continuously pamper customers with all sorts of incentives and promotions to persuade them to buy a tour. However, in this client chase, they often forget about how they look in the eyes of their clients. Online reputation is a starting point for successful operations. And it begins with branding.

That is where DreamX comes in. We are experts in travel branding, with a deep understanding of the industry's needs and the power of a strong visual identity. Whether you are a travel agency, airline, or any other travel-related business, we can craft a brand that stands out in the crowded marketplace.

Travel branding services by DreamX

Creating a strong brand is not limited to having a cool name or a pretty logo. Visual identity is a smart strategy that makes you stand out in online space. When you get it right, it means travelers trust you more, believe you are more reliable, and want to use your services. We are a design team that knows how to make it right.


Travel logo design

Crafting a captivating travel logo that embodies the spirit of exploration and adventure is our specialty. With our keen eye for design and understanding of the travel industry, we ensure your logo stands out amidst the vast landscape of competitors, inviting customers to embark on unforgettable journeys with your brand.


Travel brand identity design

Your brand identity is more than just a logo. It is the visual language that tells your travel story and sets you apart. At DreamX, we craft a comprehensive brand identity that includes your color palette, typography, and imagery, ensuring all your marketing materials project a cohesive and unforgettable brand image.


Travel web/app design

In today's digital age, your website or app is often the first point of contact for potential travelers. Our team designs user-friendly and visually appealing platforms that showcase your destinations, services, and unique selling points. Whether it's a website or app, we'll ensure a seamless and intuitive experience that drives bookings.


Travel brand collateral design

From brochures to business cards, we design high-quality brand collateral that reinforces your brand message across all touchpoints. We ensure consistency and professionalism in every piece you use to connect with travelers.


Travel social media assets design

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with travelers and building a loyal community. We design engaging social media assets, including templates for posts, stories, and ads, that showcase your destinations and offerings in a visually compelling way.


Travel brand guideline

Your brand story must be told consistently across all platforms. We translate your brand identity into a clear and concise manual that outlines the best use of your logo, color palette, and fonts. Make the most out of it!

Haven't found the service you need? Reach out to our team of travel branding experts. We offer a wide range of customizable solutions to help your travel brand take flight.

Travel industries we work with

Absolutely any business in the travel industry needs a reliable reputation. A positive image builds trust with travelers
and encourages them to choose you over competitors. We offer travel branding services for every segment of the
industry. Whatever your role in travel and tourism is, DreamX will elevate your online presence.

Travel agencies

Frequently, travel agencies are becoming almost invisible on large aggregator platforms and turning into dry and colorless listings. Branding can drastically change it. A company with a story and appealing message arouses interest and attracts attention. Being noticed is the first step to increased sales. At DreamX, we make travel agencies well visible through branding.

Hotels & resorts

To have a continuous guest flow, hotels and resorts must promise their customers a seamless guest experience. At DreamX, we help create effective hospitality branding that sets the stage for a cohesive and memorable guest journey. With the help of design, we shape the online reputation that builds loyalty and positive word-of-mouth promotion of your resort.


The more consistent the passenger traffic, the more successful the airline company. Branding helps you get recognized and chosen in the competitive market. At DreamX, we offer tourism branding solutions that prioritize usability, accessibility, and brand consistency to enhance passenger satisfaction.

Travel technology companies

Travel tech companies are making a considerable contribution to the industry, allowing operators to upgrade and automate their services. Yet, they need to continuously expand their reach to sell tech tools. Branding is a proven way to get a business boost and increase sales. We create strong identities that enable tech companies to grow.

Travel agencies

Hotels & resorts


Travel technology companies

How we provide travel
branding services

The creation of your online brand image is like an exciting journey. There are several crucial stages that play a pivotal role in establishing a persuasive and memorable online presence. We dedicate all our skills and attention to each step to uncover your strongest attributes.



In-depth market research, discussions and competitor analysis allow us to set the foundation for your branding. We need to understand your vision and mission to craft a branding roadmap. It is also crucial to know your end users to favorably represent you in your travel niche.



Now, we define your brand strategy. It incorporates various elements such as brand voice, identity, values, and overall vibe. For this, our designers identify your unique selling proposition and find a brand image that conveys your company's spirit.


Design concepts

The next step is to visualize all design ideas. We scrupulously design every branding element to represent the essence of your travel brand. These include visuals, color scheme and typography that will make you truly recognizable and evoke positive associations with your brand.



Once you have approved the final designs, our team prepares and delivers all your branded assets. This includes high-resolution files, brand guidelines, and any other deliverables agreed upon. With everything in hand, you'll have the tools you need to confidently launch and promote your travel brand.


Why choose us as your travel branding agency?

We blend creativity with strategy to craft an identity that captivates and inspires. Our designers know how to connect you with your audience
through innovative design ideas. You will not just be another travel company - your customers will remember and trust you.

Experienced branding designers

DreamX is a young yet experienced team of designers who do not stop learning. We follow the branding trends to offer you the most powerful design solutions. Our skills and deep understanding of the travel industry allow us to deliver unmatched branding results.


We do not believe in a universal branding approach. Our designers take time to know your business setup, your goals, and your values to be able to properly communicate these to your end users via design elements. We make you a brand that connects with travelers on a human level.


At DreamX, we offer a full cycle of branding services, from logo to social media assets design. Our designers work on every aspect of your image to provide everything you need to build a powerful travel brand that gets noticed and turns visitors into clients who return.


Every branding process we handle is fully open to everyone involved. You will receive regular updates, actively participate in discussions, and provide your feedback. This collaborative approach ensures you are involved in the process and confident with the final outcome.

Our travel branding works

Imagine your travel brand brought to life. Explore our travel branding works and see the possibilities.

What is branding in tourism?
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Tourism branding is crafting a unique story and image that communicate the essence and value of your business and attract your ideal travelers. It is your differentiation in the crowd of similar travel services.
How can travel branding services benefit my business?
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Travel branding can help you increase client flow, build trust, and stand out in a crowded marketplace. It is one of your travel business success factors.
What is the cost of your travel branding services?
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The cost of our travel branding services depends on the specific goals and scope of your project. Prices typically range from $500 to $2,500, but can vary depending on your needs. To get a personalized quote for your project, please contact us!
How long does it take to complete a travel branding project?
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Travel branding timelines can vary depending on the complexity of your project. Typically, our designers need from 20 to 100 hours for this task. However, this is just an estimate. For a more accurate timeline specific to your project, please reach out to us!
Can you help with rebranding?
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Absolutely! Rebranding is one of the services we provide. We can diagnose your current brand and craft a fresh, standout identity. Whether you need a complete brand overhaul or just a refresh of specific elements, we can guide you through the entire rebranding process. Feel free to reach out and discuss your rebranding goals with our team.

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