How to make a pitch deck on PowerPoint

Max Voronin
Max Voronin
6 minJune 3, 2024
How to make a pitch deck on PowerPoint
How to make a pitch deck on PowerPoint

Every business owner should be able to point out all the advantages and uniqueness of their product or service. When growing an existing startup or launching a new one, showcasing the benefits and strong points of your plan is key to obtaining more growth opportunities and, lastly, getting funded. You should captivate the audience with your story and convince them that your idea is worth bringing to life. This is where a good pitch deck comes into play.

In this article, we will explore how to make a pitch deck on PowerPoint and what to include in it to persuade investors to believe in your product potential. Let’s delve into pitch deck best practices!

Importance of a pitch deck and purpose in business presentations

What is a pitch deck? A business pitch plays a vital role in attracting investors ready to finance your product or service. Its main purpose is to obtain more financial support to realize some business ideas. It helps you introduce your business model in a good light, outline the benefits of your business, and highlight the unique selling proposition (USP) of your company or organization. By leveraging a pitch deck, you get a concise and clear way to communicate any complex information about your business or startup. Also, you can spark the audience’s interest and drive action.

A professional pitch deck can reinforce your brand image and convey credibility, helping you earn loyal clients and stakeholders. Moreover, a well-crafted investment pitch deck ensures secure partnerships with marketing agencies, suppliers, and distributors. A successful startup presentation helps people understand why your idea is amazing and why they should join your business adventure.

Preparation before creating the pitch deck in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is one of the greatest online presentation tools you can use to craft interactive slides for a winning pitch deck. But before you get started with the Pitch deck creation process, take some time to prepare and include several key steps.

First, access PowerPoint and assess how well you work with it. Maybe you’ve used it frequently and know all the functions of this Microsoft product, or just need to recollect how to use it. Explore slide templates, graphics and charts, and multimedia elements you can use for your business presentation. Take a look at your competitors’ presentations and think of what animation effects and slide transitions you want to include in your pitch deck.

Next, determine your objectives and clarify the purpose of your pitch deck in PowerPoint. What do you strive to achieve? What is your priority? Are you looking to get significant financial support, planning to pitch a service or product, or seeking to secure partnerships? Define your goal and ponder how you can reach it through your pitch deck.

Once you’ve set your specific goal, elaborate a breathtaking story about your business. What can be your strong hook? Tell people an engaging story that reflects your way and highlights the genuine nature of your business idea. Determine how to incorporate visual storytelling into your investor presentation, as it has a great impact on people’s decisions.

Finally, explore your target audience and pay attention to their preferences, needs, level of expertise, and interests. Learn their background and find ways to tailor your pitch deck accordingly.

Key components of a pitch deck

When you get on your PowerPoint presentation, you should keep in mind the essential components of your future pitch. Usually, a pitch deck covers your company overview, market opportunity, showcasing the size of your target market, and returns your investors can expect to obtain. A professional business presentation should also convey the problem your startup helps to solve. It includes the pain points of your audience and precious solutions your product or service offers.

One more crucial component of a winning pitch deck is an overview of a business model and growth strategy you plan to use to generate revenue. This way, you explain to your stakeholders how your business will sustain profitability and generate revenue streams. You may include user numbers, financial projections, and market analysis to convince your investors that your product is worth considering.

Also, nourish your pitch deck with clear messages your business communicates. Talk about your mission and share what your product stands for. Think of your core values and aspirations. Highlight what makes your business a unique opportunity and what sets your team apart from others. Your team presentation can have a significant impact on potential investors as they will see who is going to implement your business idea.

Tips for designing the pitch deck in PowerPoint

A pitch deck design represents your creativity and professionalism. That is why it is so important to build a solid design that helps you cut through the noise, increasing your growth chances. Look through the pitch deck in PowerPoint examples and find those that resonate with your startup or company. You may stick to the sample you like and add your design touch to it to create a unique and bright pitch deck.

Pay attention to the fonts you use and choose your theme, ensuring the chosen colors match your vision and branding. Explore the psychology of color to reach the required effect with your presentation. Use two or three colors to create a smooth and clear feel.

Additionally, don’t overwhelm your pitch deck with many visuals and excessive text and numbers. Instead, add only significant information and graphics that really matter to your idea. Use infographics and charts to communicate complex information in a visually striking and smooth way.

Hiring an expert for pitch deck design

If you value your time and want to concentrate on the core tasks of your business, find an expert to deliver a great and professional pitch deck design. It can save you a lot of resources and give you a piece of mind. You can rest assured that your pitch deck will look concise and clear to your audience.

Ask your friends and partners about companies and designers they can advise you. Turn to professionals who have worked on projects in your niche and know how to apply their knowledge in the specific industry. Assess their experiences and cases similar to yours to understand whether their style and approach suit your needs.

Crafting a winning pitch deck? Don't go it alone!

Our design experts craft clear, concise decks that impress investors.

Benefits of professional design

A good design makes all the difference. It builds a stronger identity for your startup and helps you stand out from the crowd. Professionals can create a dynamic and sleek design for your pitch deck that will exactly match your vibe and feel. Designers craft interactive animations and influential graphics that engage people and spark their interest. By turning to a knowledgeable design company or agency, you increase your chances of forming a lasting positive impression on your potential investors as you get access to industry knowledge and strategic storytelling.


Pitch decks are great tools to allure people to your ideas. They help your clients, partners, and investors learn more about your services, products, and goals. A professional pitch deck ensures a concise and structured way to communicate the advantages of your business.

While crafting a pitch deck in PowerPoint may seem like a viable option, it can be an exceptionally time-consuming endeavor. The challenge lies not just in the time investment, but also in the difficulty of achieving a visually stunning and impactful presentation that perfectly captures your vision.

That's where the expertise of DreamX comes in. We are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to crafting impactful pitch decks that resonate with your target audience. So, don't spend countless hours struggling to bring your vision to life. Reach out to us, and let's transform your ideas into a captivating story that secures your success!

Head of Lead Generation
Max Voronin
Head of Lead Generation

Max Voronin is the Head of Lead Generation at DreamX. He is dedicated to developing strategies that cultivate high-quality leads and forge strong partnerships, fueling the company's growth.

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